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The Band


Margot Zanetti close 2

Margot .Zanetti

Lead Vocals

Play in a band with a female singer and you will soon understand that all the clichés about them are true. Margot is like love: when we stopped looking for a singer, she arrived.

Alessio Malesani close

Alessio .Malesani

Guitars and Vocals

Patricks would probably not even exist without him and certainly they would not have such musical arrangements worthy of guitarists like BB King or Frank Zappa.

Gabriele Girlanda close

Gabriele .Girlanda

Fiddle and Banjo

Gabriele, aka Gabri, could be described with the term "poli", from the Greek term MO\u meaning "many". If there is a multifaceted person but reliable as a Swiss watch he's the one!

Nicolò Alberti close

Nicolò .Alberti

Drums and Backing Vocals

He can be whoever you ask him to be: we asked him to be our drummer! He never knew what to do with his life, so he decided to do everything, even in music: piano, clarinet, trombone, guitar, singing and then finally drums and percussions.

Riccardo Alberti close

Riccardo .Alberti

Whistles and Flute

"If you allow yourself to live in harmony with the ecosystem and with your biological clock without subjecting to social patterns but responding only to what your body asks you, you could obtain great benefits."

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