This album is about an adventure: how we spent our time during the trip in Ireland and how incredibly it leads to receive the call of our label during it. Music, beer, good times and bad times, the joy in the eyes of the people we met, music again, and whiskey, a lot of whiskey (oh and beer too), the sadness to leave this country and the promise to remember all those moments in a new CD.  So, long story short, this album talks of its own creation.

“When we need to escape from reality, and it’s not possible to take a trip to the green land, have a couple of glasses of mead instead and fly inside the head to the land we love so much” 
(Complete review on London Celtic Punks website – link)

From this album we made two videos: the song Finnegan’s Wake and the instrumental traditional Glasgow Reel/Aaron’s Key/Banshee Reel. The last one is in collaboration with Gens D’Ys irish dancers.

Glasgow video cover

Glasgow Reel / Aaron’s Key / Banshee Reel

Finnegan's Wake video cover

Finnegan’s Wake (Official irish story)

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Rocky Road to Ireland

Release Date : February 21, 2020
Artist : Patricks
Genre : Irish Acoustic Folk Rock
Format : CD